Transforming the Keen Home with a Chicopee, MA Home Remodel

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Vista Home Improvement partnered with the Keen family in Chicopee, MA, for an exterior home remodel project. The Keen family sought structural improvements, a fresh paint job, window and shutter replacements, and a modern design. Vista Home Improvement successfully completed the project, addressing the structural aspects, applying a stylish muted gray paint with contrasting accents, installing new windows and shutters, and achieving a blend of modern and classic aesthetics. The Keen family was thrilled with the results, and Vista Home Improvement takes pride in providing quality services to the Chicopee community and surrounding areas.

Transforming the Keen Home with a Chicopee, MA Home Remodel

When the Keen family of Chicopee, MA were in the market for an exterior home remodel, they enlisted the help of Vista Home Improvement. The team at Vista Home Improvement saw this project as an amazing opportunity to introduce the Keen family to their home improvement services and to revolutionize the exterior home remodel in Chicopee, MA.

The Keen Family’s Exterior Home Remodel Needs

The Keen family wanted Vista Home Improvement to work on their large home in the center of Chicopee, MA. It was in need of some structural improvements, a fresh paint job across the house, and replacement of the windows and shutters. It was also important to the Keen family that their exterior remodel project incorporated modern design elements and colors.

Serving the Keen Family with the Best Exterior Home Remodel Results

The Vista Home Improvement team of experts was up for the task of providing the Keen family with the best exterior home remodel possible. The team was eager to collaborate with the Keen family to nail down their vision for the project.

First, the Vista Home Improvement team got to work on the structural improvements, ensuring that the foundation was updated, the frames of the windows were secure, and the trims were replaced as necessary. They also made sure the house was properly insulated and the siding was lock-tight.

Next, the team painted the house a beautiful muted gray, contrasting the deep red paint of the door and window trims to deliver a stunning statement.

Finally, Vista Home Improvement installed new windows and shutters and integrated modern designs with the classic appeal of the house.

The Final Exterior Home Remodel in Chicopee, MA

The project was a stellar success and the Keen family was absolutely delighted with the results. Vista Home Improvement had certainly revolutionized the exterior home remodel in Chicopee, MA.

The exterior remodel and transformation of the Keen family home introduced the following features:

  • Structural improvements
  • New paint job
  • Replaced windows and shutters
  • Modern design elements and colors

The team at Vista Home Improvement was proud to have provided the Keen family with the exterior home remodel they had wished for. With their help, the family ended up with a stunning home that blended modern and classic aesthetics.

Vista Home Improvement strives to serve the people of Chicopee MA and Greater MA, CT, and NY with high-quality services. To get more information and ask for free estimates please call 413-372-4516.

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