One of our goals as one of the leading home improvement companies on the East Coast is to spread the word about the amazing benefits of and newest advancements in home remodeling. In the past, remodeling your home often meant spending a fortune and dealing with a long and messy renovation. Today, remodeling is easier, more affordable, and less of a hassle than ever before—and can be a surprisingly simple way to enhance your home and boost its aesthetics, functionality, and value.

Recently, Vista Home Improvement had the opportunity to spread the word on a larger platform with a spot on WWLP-22 News, an NBC-affiliate network in Western Massachusetts. Here's a breakdown on the segment and what was discussed by the show's host and our representative from Vista Home Improvement.

Mass Appeal Focuses on Bathrooms in TV Segment

Our very own Josh Meskill, Sales Manager at Vista Home Improvement appeared on a segment of the news network's Mass Appeal with the show's host Danny New to discuss quick, easy, and cost-effective bathroom remodeling techniques for homeowners hoping to improve their homes.

In the video, which can be found on the network's website, the two discuss the importance of a clean, modern, beautiful bathroom—and the difficulties of dealing with traditional remodeling options. In a traditional remodel, Meskill explains, one bathroom renovation can take weeks to complete. But with Vista Home Improvement's new techniques and state-of-the-art remodeling products, remodeling your bathroom can take as little as just one day—which dramatically reduces the cost, hassle, and stress of a traditional bathroom remodeling project.

Surprising Statistics: Why Over 50% of Homeowners Are Unsatisfied With Their Bathroom Remodeling Results

In perhaps the most shocking part of the segment, Meskill reveals a surprising statistic to host Danny New. According to Meskill, more than half of all homeowners wind up dissatisfied with their bathroom remodeling results after a traditional, full remodel has been completed. In contrast, over 97% of homeowners are satisfied with the results after a quick, one-day bath remodel that focuses on the wet area of the bathroom.

Meskill also sheds light on one of the major problems of older bathroom products. Not only are outdated bathrooms hard to clean and maintain, they also require heavy-duty scrubbing with bleach, ammonia, and other harsh chemicals. These substances sit on the floors of the wet areas, in bathtubs and showers, and enter through our bare feet—one of the most porous parts of our bodies. Meskill goes on to explain that this type of exposure to dangerous, toxic chemicals can't be good for our bodies or our health. In comparison, today's newest bath systems can be cleaned much more efficiently and with non-toxic detergents such as Dawn dish soap.

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