Springfield roofing projects can be expensive, especially if the damage to your existing roof is caused by hail, storms, and other destructive natural phenomenon. The good thing is that the advancements in technology have led to useful developments in roofing materials, and every year construction materials are stronger and more durable than ever before.

Nowadays, innovative, impact-resistant roof products can make your property and your family safe against damages related to major weather factors. Reliable home improvement companies like Vista Home Improvement offers impact resistant shingles which are a great replacement to traditional shingles and a wise choice for first time installation in your new home.

If you’re planning to install a new roof or to replace your existing one, it’s a good idea to learn more about the benefits that impact resistant shingles are known for. In this article, our experts at Vista Home Improvement will discuss the features of this type of roofing material and assess if it is worth the investment.

What is an Impact Resistant Shingle?

Impact resistant shingles are products that are specially designed to withstand extremely strong winds, snow, and hail damage. Such products may be made of copper, resin, aluminum, and even plastic.

They are a class 4 product which is manufactured with an SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene)-modified asphalt formula, which is also called rubberized asphalt. By mixing SBS with traditional shingles, a more flexible type of shingles that can withstand greater impact is born.

These impact resistant shingles have an impact resistance rating of UL 2218. In the roofing industry, UL 2218 is the greatest impact resistance rating, and the test involves dropping a two-inch steel ball at a height of 20 feet onto the shingle to imitate the impact of hail falling at great speeds and checking if the product cracks or not. Aside from being impervious to hail damage, impact resistant shingles can also withstand strong winds of up to 110mph.

Are Impact Resistant Shingles Worth The Investment?

In general, this type of shingles is worth your investment because of the added protection and the longevity of the material. Yet, your need for impact resistant shingles greatly depends on where you live. The more frequently your location is affected by damaging storms, the more you need this type of roofing product.

Every year, thousands of homeowners are affected by significant roof damage that may be too expensive to repair. However, this can be prevented by installing impact-resistant roof materials, especially for those living in harsh weather conditions and stormy climates.

However, it is also important to note that after strong hail storms, your impact resistant shingles may still be affected by minor damage and granular loss. Yet, the real value that this product can provide lies on the fact that impact resistant shingles are designed for strength in these conditions, and are much less likely to crack and for water to enter compared to traditional shingles.

Although impact resistant shingles cost more compared to its traditional counterparts, you benefit from cost savings in terms of maintenance, repair, and premature roof replacement costs. Also, some insurance companies even provide discounts to homeowners with such roof products installed in their home. Therefore, the discount can also offset the slightly higher cost of impact resistant shingles.

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