Roofing in the greater Springfield area, as well as all over New England is a home improvement project much different than those in any other area of the country. From hot summers to harsh winters, your roof needs to be able to handle all the weather conditions without a doubt, which is why it's important to know the correct questions to ask your contractor when it's time for a new roof on your home:

Which type of roof is right for me?
What can I expect from the first quote to the final day of installation?
Who should I hire, and most importantly, why?

Which type of roof is right for my home?
This may be one of the most adamant questions in a homeowners mind when they decide to replace their roof. Whether it is your first roof replacement or you have been through the process before, maintaining the character of your home should be a first priority, especially in historic or classical homes of the greater Springfield area. From metal roofing to asphalt shingles, here at Vista Home Improvement we can ensure we will find the right fit for our home depending on price and style, giving you a reliable, warrantied roof for at least the next 25 years. 

New grey shingle roof replacement complementing the traditional colonial style. 

A brand new shingle roof was done by Vista that brings curb appeal back to a classic Cape Cod style home. 

A new metal roof installed by Vista that can bring your home strength, durability, and energy efficiency. Affordable metal roofs are lightweight, which can put less stress on older homes commonly found in the Hampden Country area, and provide a reflective shield against the sun to keep your home cooler in the warmer months. Although more of an investment than a shingle roof, metal roofs can last up to 2-3x longer. 

What can I expect when installing a new roof?

At Vista, the condition of your home is our first priority. We take every precaution to ensure that your home remains in the same condition as when we arrived, and after our work is completed, hopefully even better! We know that Greater Springfield roof repairs can be stressful and expensive, so we’re here to minimize the hassle. During a free in-home evaluation, we’ll give you our professional recommendation for your Worcester County roof repair and then leave you with a price quote that’s valid for a full year. Once you’ve made a decision, we’ll help you find a financing plan that comfortably fits within your budget. Our crews specialize in prep, cleanup, and completing the job on time as best we can depending on weather, so that we leave you nothing but satisfied with your new roof.

Why should you trust VHI with your new roof?

From start to finish, Vista Home Improvement provides a professional but personal relationship with our customers to ensure that we are providing the best work possible for the greater Springfield area. When installing a new roof in Massachusetts, quality is the most important factor, and at VHI it is our number one priority. We provide homeowners with not only warranties but a piece of mind that doing business with us is the right choice for both you and your home. Whether you live in Hampden, Worcester, or a surrounding area, we can install a replacement roof for you within as few as four days. VHI is also an Owen's Platinum Preferred Roofing Contractor. We're able to offer you the best materials and longest warranties on our Hampden County replacement roofing.