As winter comes to a close, residents of Western Massachusetts have a lot to look forward to: maple sugaring, local farmers markets, and weather finally nice enough to hike the Berkshires. In all this springtime excitement, though, don’t forget to look after your home! After a harsh New England winter, many features could benefit from a quick check-up—especially your roof.

Based on decades of combined experience as local roofers in Western MA, here are just a few simple tips to follow to make sure your roof stays in mint condition.

Five Tips to Maintain Your Western MA Roof This Spring

Winters in New England can be very hard on a house. To prevent future damage and address any existing issues with your roof, be sure to take these quick precautions:

1. Clean out your gutters.

Gutter cleaning might not be your favorite task, but it’s likely a necessity—especially if you have older gutters or those without any form of gutter guard. Cleaning built-up debris will not only help prevent clogs in the coming spring showers, but it’ll also help you see whether there’s any damage.

2. Inspect your soffits and fascia.

While you’re up there cleaning out the gutters, take a few minutes to look at your soffits and fascia. (The soffits are located beneath your roof rafters, while the fascia are located on the vertical edge.) Soffits and fascia are an important part of your overall exterior protection system, and quality roofing companies can fix them along with the roof.

3. Check your flashing.

Flashing is used wherever different elements of the roof come together—for example, where the roof meets the chimney, skylights, windows, or dormers. Flashing that’s in good condition will be securely positioned, free from rust, and surrounded by uncracked caulk.

4. Look for signs of leaks.

Among other things, one of your roof’s most important tasks is to prevent water from entering your home. If you see signs of water damage, that’s a good indication that your roofing system is compromised. Don’t just do a cursory glance for leaks, either; look for stains, discoloration, or weakened spots on the following parts of your home:

  • Shingles
  • Interior ceilings
  • Siding
  • Eave overhangs
  • Soffits and fascia

5. Examine your roofing shingles.

Beyond the typical signs of water damage, your shingles can also show other kinds of damage and disrepair. Be sure to look at them closely for problems like exposed nails, cracks, missing pieces, and curved edges.

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All of the steps mentioned above are important to maintaining an intact roofing systembut performing an inspection on your own may not be the best idea. Beyond the physical danger of climbing on your roofyou may not be familiar enough with your roof to identify where the problems might be. That’s whyit’s always best to leave the inspection to professional roofing contractors in Western MA—like ours at Vista Home Improvement! 

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