Vinyl Siding:

Are warranties available for my vinyl siding?
-Yes. Our siding comes with a lifetime warranty on labor!

What vinyl siding colors are offered?
-Vista Home Improvement offers a wide variety of colors for vinyl siding. Please visit the gallery pages on our website to view the available options.

What styles of trim and accessories are available?
-Our siding trim and accessories come in a range of styles. Please visit http://www.vistahomeimprovement.com/gallery/vinylsidinggallery/trimandaccessories/ for a gallery of options.

What are the advantages of vinyl siding?
-New vinyl siding has a long list of benefits. Not only does it enhance the appearance of your home, but it also reduces your energy and maintenance costs. Call us today for a free siding quote!

Are discounts or specials available for vinyl siding projects?
-Yes! Please visit http://www.vistahomeimprovement.com/products/siding/vinylsidingcoupon/ to take $1,000 off a complete siding job!

Do you provide vinyl siding for clients outside of western MA?
-Yes. We provide vinyl siding services to most of Massachusetts and Connecticut. To view the complete list of towns we service, please scroll to the bottom of the following page: http://www.vistahomeimprovement.com/products/siding/vinylsiding/


Do you provide roofing estimates?
-Yes. Please call us today for your FREE roofing quote.

Are warranties available on my new roof?
-Yes. Our roofs come with a lifetime warranty on labor!

What types of roofing are available?
-At Vista Home Improvement, we offer a wide variety of styles and colors. Please visit our photo gallery to view some of the roofing options available to you.

Are discounts or specials available?
-Yes! Please visit http://www.vistahomeimprovement.com/products/roofing/roofingcoupon/ to save $500 on a complete roofing job!

Are you available for roof contractor projects in western MA?
-Yes. Our company proudly serves most of Massachusetts. A complete list of towns can be found on our roofing page.

Are you available for roof contractor projects in Northern CT?
-Yes. Our company proudly serves most parts of Connecticut, including Hartford, Manchester, New Britain, New Haven, and many more.


Do you offer energy saving windows?
-Yes. We offer many Energy-Star rated styles of windows. Visit the following link to learn more about the benefits of energy saving windows: http://www.vistahomeimprovement.com/products/windows/extremeenergywindow/

Can you replace my old, worn out windows?
-Yes! Our award-winning specialists are able to update your home with brand new windows from Vista Home Improvement.

What styles of windows are available?
-We offer a wide range of window styles, most of which can be viewed by looking through our windows gallery: http://www.vistahomeimprovement.com/gallery/windows/

Will you provide an estimate prior to the window replacement?
-Yes. Please call 1-888-597-2323 to book a free window consultation.

What discounts or specials are available for windows?
-For a limited time, we are offering up to $125 off each window for all new windows installed in your home.

Are warranties available on windows?
-Yes. Our window installation comes with a lifetime warranty on labor! To register your window warranty, please visit: http://www.vistahomeimprovement.com/products/windows/registeryourwindowwarranty/

Can you replace a window of any size?
-Yes. Our windows come in a variety of sizes. Please contact us for more information regarding window sizes.


Can you protect my gutters during any season?
-Yes. Our gutter protection prevents gutter clogging in the fall, snow and ice loading in the winter, manages rainfall in the spring, and provides UV protection in the summer.

What gutter services do you provide?
-In addition to gutter consultation and installation, we also provide year-round gutter maintenance services through a patented water management system.

Can you match the gutter with my trim color?
-Yes. We offer a variety of materials and colors in which to design your new gutter protection system.

How can I arrange a quote for gutter protection?
-Call Vista Home Improvement at 1-888-597-2323 to speak with one of our specialists.

Are warranties available for my gutters?
-Yes. Our gutter installation comes with a lifetime warranty on labor!

Can you provide a gutter consultation?
-Yes. Please call us at 1-888-597-2323 to schedule your no-hassle gutter consultation today.

Is year round maintenance available from Vista Home Improvement?
-Yes. We offer a year-round program through a patented water management system.


Do you provide deck repair services in western MA?
-Yes. We provide deck repair services to most of Massachusetts. View the full list of towns we serve here: http://www.vistahomeimprovement.com/products/decks/

Will you help me design my new deck?
-Absolutely. Our team of specialists can help create the ideal deck for you.

Can you design and install any size deck?
-Yes. At Vista Home Improvement, we offer installation services for any size deck.

Are waterproof decks available?
-Yes! We offer waterproof decks designed to surround your swimming pool.

Can you design a deck to encompass my above ground or in ground pool?
-Yes. We are able to design an ideal deck to fit the space around your above ground or in ground pool.


I want a home addition, but don’t know where to begin. Can Vista Home Improvement help?
-Absolutely. Our skilled contactors offer professional workmanship from start to finish. Give us a call for a free consultation, and from there, we can help with every step along the way.

Will Vista Home Improvement work with me to design my home addition?
-Yes. Whether you need to add on a room to accommodate a new family member, or entirely reconfigure your living space, our team of experts can help design an addition that fits your wants and needs.

How long does a typical home addition project take to complete?
-The length of completing a home addition project will vary depending on the different circumstances of each home. However, our experienced construction team can ensure your addition project will be completed in a timely manner.

Are estimates available for home additions?
-Yes. Please call Vista Home Improvement at 1-888-597-2323 to schedule a free estimate on your home addition.


What styles of doors are available for purchase?
-Vista Home Improvement offers a variety of styles of doors. Some options available for entry doors are Signet Fiberglass, Heritage Fiberglass, and Legacy Steel. We offer storm doors in the following styles: Spectrum, Decorator, Duraguard, Deluxe, and Superview. We also offer Aeris, hinged, and sliding patio doors.

Can you custom design a door for my house?
-Yes. Our team of experienced professionals will help design an attractive and durable door that exceeds your expectations.

Do you install and repair doors?
-Yes; at Vista Home Improvement we offer installation and repair services for the doors in your home. Please contact us for more information.

Are discounts or specials available for doors?
-Yes! For a limited time, we offer up to 10% off ProVia doors or patio doors. Please call us for more details.

Is an estimate available for doors from Vista Home Improvement?
-Yes. Please contact 1-888-597-2323 to schedule your free estimate today!